Step-by-Step Guide with Photos for
fitting Fixer's Top Suspension Bush Kit.
Put the bike on a stand so the rear wheel is off the ground
Remove Seat to see the top shocker mounting
Remove both sidepanels (we put the screws back into the holes for safekeeping)
Remove top airbox bolts
NOTE...Please be aware that the 'captive' nuts on all three airbox fixings aren't always quite so captive and have a habit of dropping out onto the floor. A dab of grease or instant gasket will keep them in place.
Remove Left-Hand subframe rail
Undo the clip (phillips screw) holding the intake tube to the carb
Remove lower air box bolt on Right-Hand side
Roll the air box out and down through the Left-Hand side of the frame. Disconnect the breather pipe from the breather on the airbox
Undo clips holding shock reservoir to frame mounting and remove clips - bottom one first then lift the reservoir and slide the top clip off the bottom.
Disconnect battery negative connection
Taking care not to ground the screwdriver (the negative connection tends to hang against the battery terminal) undo the positive connection and remove the battery
Screws put back into terminals so we don't lose the nuts!
All 3 bolts holding the battery case are removed next
Remove the positive lead from the battery box
and the bolts are fitted back into the frame for safekeeping
The shocker lower mounting bolt is next to be undone...there's no nut on the other side as the shock lower yoke is threaded!
A strap has been fitted between the subframe and the swinging arm to take the weight
Notice the bolt for the top shocker mounting has been fitted from the battery box side. When we replace the top mounting we fit the bolt from the Left-Hand side of the bike so if we need to remove the rear shock again we don't need to disturb the battery box!
TRICKY BIT - thread the shocker reservoir through the frame to remove the shock assy
Reservoir out and the shocker is lifted up off the lower linkage....
...up through the top of the subframe to allow the lower yoke out of the swing arm.
Shock assy is out!
Using a punch, tap one of the collars out of the bearing
Brian used the vice, a 28mm and 10mm socket to push the remaining collar out
et voila Monsieur...the collars are free!
Make sure the gap in the circlip is away from the 'meaty' part of the shocker eye...
drill down just past the cirlip and 'break' the drill out of the side of the eye ..
Using a small pin punch or similar, hook out the circlip...careful, they tend to fly when released!
Repeat the drilling and hooking for the other side
Using a 28mm and a 17mm socket push the old bearing out of the eye. This can be tapped out with a hammer if you don't have access to a vice.
All parts removed from the eye. If the eye has a build up of 'crud' on it please scrape around it with an old blunt knife. It doesn't need to be pristine but we don't want lumps in it!
The frame yoke needs to be widened due to it having a couple of washers reinforcing the inside of the flanges
you can just make out the reinforced flanges in the shot above and below
Without spreading the yoke measured 30.59mm....or.....
It was at this point we discovered that the frame sopreading bolt needed another nut so I took a photo of the 'NEW & IMPROVED' spreader on an old frame. the spreader bolt can be done either way round
Grease the eye up using the supplied Silicone Grease and insert a new polyurethane bush
Put the other bush in and apply the same grease to the inside of the bushes. Spread it about using a phillips screwdriver or similar.
Locate the leading edge of the centre spacer (it has a slight chamfer on it to assist fitting) and press it into the bushes
Using a 10mm socket centralise the spacer in the bushes
This is what it should look like
Drop the shocker onto the lower linkage and feed the reservoir, base first, into the frame. This is very tricky!
Insert lower shock bolt and tighten
Slather the inside edges of the yoke with the grease....
and put loads more on the edges of the bushes
Gently feed the shock absorber top eye back into the yoke
Fits well doesn't it?
Use the phillips screwdriver to line the yoke and eye up and insert the top bolt from the Left-Hand side of the bike.
Bolt inserted from the left
Tighten the bolt until you feel it pull the flanges of the yoke onto the new cetre bush...then fully tighten it.
The shock absorber is back in place.
Photos over...refit the following
The battery box and battery
The airbox by rotating it back into it's space whilst attaching the elbow to the carb and the breather pipe to the breather.
Attach the clips onto the shocker reservoir and clamp them up
Refit the Left-Hand subframe support rail
Refit the side panels and seat.

job done, time for a cuppa!