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MOTAD Stainless Steel, Polished, Silencer £220.00 inc P&P to England & Wales
IN STOCK 23/07/2014

 Top Shocker Kits In Stock June 2014
Hello. My name is Andy Lander Stow and I live in Ivybridge, Devon, UK. I lead runs around Devon and Cornwall for the Tamar Valley Trail Riders and I ride a TTR250 for the trails. I also own a Honda Valkyrie.
I try to improve on all things mechanical whether it's by replacing stock parts with better parts or by obtaining better parts for less money. These are 2 of the mods I've made to my TTR...
Rear Shock Absorber, Top Bearing replacement kit
For a Step-by-Step Guide to replacing the top shock absorber mounting
If you are thinking of ordering a top bush kit, please download the .pdf instructions as I do not send fitting instructions with the kit.

Being faced with a bill for £72 from the local Yamaha Dealer to replace the top bearing on my TTR - parts only, I hasten to add, I came up with a solution.
The above kit COMPLETELY replaces all of the components in the top shock absorber mounting. The bushes are made from Polyurethane, the spacer is stainless steel and included is more than enough silicone grease to do the job as well as a spreader bolt, nut and washer, to enable an easy'ish' fitment.
Full instructions can be downloaded HERE. Please read the Shock Removal file first!
The price depends upon the destination...
UK £26
Europe £29
USA & Canada £32
Other destinations £35
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In Stock Jan '14

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To contact me either ring me at home on 01752 895362 - before 6pm please - or