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Rear Shock Absorber Top Bearing replacement kit

IN STOCK 23/07/2014


Inc Package, Postage & Insurance.

MOTAD 100% Stainless Steel POLISHED Silencer
inc Delivery to England & Wales
Fully Road Legal and stamped accordingly!
Please note: When we commissioned Motad to make these silencers they (Motad) gave us 'Sole Selling Rights'. If you contact Motad to buy one they will refer you to us.
These silencers are direct replacements for the original silencer and tail pipe on all Yamaha TTR250 models.
They are 100% stainless steel construction (the silencing is done with stainless baffles and stainless wool) so it will not rot out near the join. They are polished, we no longer do the plain, unpolished, ones. The tail pipe is designed to move the hot exhaust gas away from the number plate (similar to the XT600 original fitment) and the silencer comes complete with the clamp for the front pipe joint, a new gasket, the hanger for the silencer and all bolts and washers.
The silencer is "E2" stamped as well as BS AU 193/T3 as per photo below - please note this is a photo of the old, unpolished silencer which we no longer supply.
Pre-polished unit. Due to the good price we ONLY supply the polished version now
They are nearly as quiet as the original silencer*, they are 1kg lighter and give you a 4% increase in BHP. They were fully Dyno tested during production.
They need a full length front pipe to give the same characteristics as the original silencer.
They come with a new gasket for the joint and polished.
£210.00 inc p&p to England and Wales. Please contact us before ordering if you live in Scotland, Northern Ireland or other parts.

I make no apologies for the state of the bike as it gets used regularly and water is expensive here in the South-West!

A later model (blue one) with the polished silencer on
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IN STOCK - 23rd July 2014


Inc Package, Postage and Insurance to Mainland UK

This price is for delivery to England & Wales only. If you live elsewhere (lucky you), please contact us first by e-mail to get the price inc P&P to your Country.
Australia = £260, Canada/USA = £250
I ask that you contact me if you live outside of England or Wales as some areas have surcharges for "remoteness". I reckon that this is the tax you pay for living somewhere that is obviously beautiful.
To contact me either ring me on 07779 277754 - before 6pm please - or